ZOOT opens its doors

Organisers: ZOOT

What it is:

A new campaign from popular Czech fashion e-shop Zoot portrayed the brand as a great place to work through a selection of seven short, humorous video spots, and by distributing newsletter material promoting the brand’s qualities as an employer. The campaign capitalised on Zoot’s youthful image in attempting to profile the company as an exciting, fun and relaxed place to work, with the intention of boosting its appeal as a growing employer in the Czech Republic.

Why we like it:

This was a likeable attempt by Zoot to make itself stand out from the crowd as a modern employer going into the post-pandemic era. By presenting the company's range of working values in quirky video formats familiar to its – predominantly young – target audience of potential employees, it presented its offices as a great community to be a part of. At the same time, the brand portrayed working in its offices as a fun and exciting alternative to the lack of communal working experienced by many during the pandemic.

PR Guru comment:

“With this campaign, Zoot used the well-known and widely-used ‘expectations vs. reality’ video format, also involving the ‘crazy office’ scene which was a trend around 10 years ago. The campaign is clearly aimed at the younger generation, familiar with this style of communication from influencers and able to quickly identify with it. I am personally unsure about the choice of seven values represented in the videos: they are difficult to remember, and harder to make use of in long-term communications. My personal instinct would have been to focus on the three strongest values, blending them into wider communications channels so that – with some exaggeration – viewers end up waking up at midnight with them running through their head!”

– Michaela Pišiová

Michaela Pišiová is Executive Director of PR Klub, and a communications specialist with experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors