London Symphony Orchestra Influencer Campaign

Organisers: London Symphony Orchestra, Digital Voices

What it is:

The London Symphony Orchestra created a communications initiative to try to attract new audiences to classical music. Its first ever influencer campaign saw popular lifestyle YouTube creators invited to one-on-one masterclasses with LSO players. The campaign was conducted through YouTube, rather than Instagram, to ensure the maximum number of viewers watching for extended periods with sound on. Two influencers explored different areas of music-making: the potential for music to connect parents and their children, and the possibility of making musical practice part of daily life.

Why we like it:

Classical music has audiences of all age groups, but attracting young participants and listeners is a key priority for marketing departments. Lots of people see classical music as inaccessible, so this campaign used influencers to show that people with no in-depth musical training can easily become involved. In order to convey the message, social media communications were selected as the most “accessible” of communications channels. The campaign successfully showed that, rather than an elite activity, classical music is something which all of us can participate in.

PR Guru comment:

“Makeup, music and Harry Potter. In general, it’s very difficult for organisations like the LSO to attract audiences other than ‘cultural’ ones. This issue has been the subject of much debate in the cultural community. We try to instil the view that culture is for everyone, rather than being something elitist. Campaigns have to show, in an authentic way, that music can be interpreted and explored in a variety of ways, by anyone, whether online or offline. Above all, culture needs direct contact with the viewer – and it can no longer achieve this outside a digital environment.

The London Symphony Orchestra used the Harry Potter phenomenon for this campaign – and was inspired by YouTuber Amena Khan, who focuses on cosmetics and beauty, to try to reach a new target group. I think a key aim of the campaign was to highlight the personal relationships built through music, between the influencer and the violinst Maxine Kwok-Adams. Both tell a personal story with which it is easy to identify.”

– Eva Sochorová

Eva Sochorová is Head of PR and Spokeswoman at the National Gallery in Prague. She previously worked in PR and Marketing for the Opera of the National Theatre and State Opera. She also has experience in fundraising and as Editor-in-chief of "The Best Woman"
Photos: London Symphony Orchestra