Everything in our hands

Organisers: McDonald’s Polska, DDB, GetHero, OMD Media House

What it is:

McDonald’s launched the “Everything in our hands” social media campaign to promote hand-washing in a fun and engaging way. The campaign began with a video on the McDonald’s Polska TikTok account, featuring a McDonald’s employee from a restaurant in Białystok – a city in north-east Poland – and “Babci”, a popular character from a previous McDonald’s marketing campaign. The video consists of an original 30-second song by rapper Mateusz Holak and an accompanying choreographed hand-washing routine. With the video attracting hundreds of thousands of views, additional videos were made with other McDonald’s employees performing the routine. 

Why we like it:

‘​Everything in our hands’ demonstrates the power of social media marketing: one thirty-second video can help to dispel a range of stereotypes and brand misconceptions. The video – and its subsequent video collage spin-offs showing a host of other Polish McDonald’s employees performing the ‘Everything in our hands’ dance – show McDonald’s staff having fun as part of a nationwide McDonald’s employee community. At the same time, the video promotes hygiene and cleanliness both within McDonald’s restaurants and among the general public. Moreover, the campaign’s genesis in TikTok promoted hand washing among younger demographic groups.

PR Guru comment:

"T​his is brilliant. The music, cutting and platform conspire to make hand-washing fun and even 'cool' in the eyes of younger people who might otherwise think it boring or unnecessary. It's a great example of clever PR working in the public interest. Not to mention portraying McDonald's as a socially-responsible brand."

– Adrian Wheeler

Adrian Wheeler is the former chairman of GCI Europe and a Fellow of the PRCA. He is the author of ‘Crisis Communications Management’ and ‘Writing for the Media’