Every Love is Love

Organisers: Absolut, JANDL, PR Clinic

What it is:

Every Love is Love builds on an ongoing communications theme for Absolut. But unlike previous video spots promoting equality and tolerance produced by the brand, the new advert is being shown on television as well as online, marking a shift to a wider audience. Like previous Absolut campaigns on the subject of sexual tolerance, a range of influencer co-operations accompany the adverts to bring the campaign closer to target groups. Singer Jakub Pružinský has also given his support to the campaign by relating his own experiences with intolerance in Slovakia.

Why we like it:

Absolut has been described as courting controversy with its campaigns focusing on the rights and freedoms of LGBT people in Slovakia. But this controversy is the clearest possible proof that there is a still a lot of work to be done in promoting equality and understanding in the country. The situation facing LGBT people in Slovakia is worse than in many European neighbours – both in terms of legislative rights, and in terms of general societal acceptance for LGBT people. Absolut’s courage in tackling the issue so forcefully, consistently, and insistently is an excellent example for other brands to follow.

PR Guru comment:

“I have been following Absolut’s brand strategy since 2018, when a strong wave of hatred arose against their campaign for tolerance and equality. Absolut answered the haters with a great action last year (awarded in the Golden Semicolon competition). They tackled the issue of diversity through the true story of a reformed extremist and drew attention to the diversity of Slovaks’ ancestors through DNA tests of influencers.

“I see the 'Every Love is Love' campaign as the natural continuation of this strategy – an important continuation, given the inequalities for partnerships still enshrined in Slovak law. I really like the simple plot of the new video spot, its compact atmosphere, and its use of clear terminology. I have seen even greater diversity in terms of age in other campaigns, while the communication is not quite as “shocking” as the previous two Absolut campaigns. This may have been the intention – but I think this topic can be explored even more in the future."

– Michaela Pišiová

Michaela Pišiová is Executive Director of PR Klub, and a communications specialist with experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors
Photos: Absolut